About Louis Helbig

Louis Helbig Flying Luscombe Over Alberta G1390264 8bit 1000x660

Louis Helbig is a Canadian artist and aerial photographer


His first major book, Beautiful Destruction, about the Alberta oil/tar sands is available in bookstores or directly from Louis Helbig (autographs or handwritten, personalized inscriptions on request). The publisher is Rocky Mountain Books. $75.



Order Beautiful Destruction by Louis Helbig 

This large, carefully assembled and designed 300-page coffee table art photo book features over 200 spectacular aerial photographs of the largest industrial project on earth. The images are complemented by 16 thought-provoking essays written by high-profile individuals with a wide range of viewpoints and insights about the tar or oil sands. 


When not tooling around North America in his antique Luscombe aircraft, Louis Helbig can often be found pulling his baby son around on cross-country skis, giving high energy presentations on his art work or working on different art projects.





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